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Yet Another Pilo’s 3D Journey for Your Child – And It’s Cooking Time!

mzl.wibqifyr.320x480-75 Arcreative’s multi award winning Story Pilo2 is now followed by it’s latest and equally well received Story Pilo3 Pilo stories have been noticed to keep children hooked around one theme in a Story. This time the theme is Cooking!

Pilo games concentrate on getting your kid to bed at night with a smile on their face.
The Story is filled with 6 main themes where you take a journey with Pilo, the character along with whom you wander around. You can choose to be a Boy (Tommy) or a Girl (Sunny)

As usual, Pilo has pretty unique buddies. And there are different story scenes that move on along with your child’s participation. Scenes you would find include ‘Cooking food together’  ‘Celebrating together with a Special Birthday Cake’  ‘Cutting fruit’ and other such scenes over which all the characters come together.

This could come in handy in building some interest in your child to have fun helping you around in the kitchen and while having meals together!

Most of the  scenes are quite interactive and build an interest to move ahead.


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