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iPad mini-2 rumors surface, Retina Display expected.

A new rumor has surfaced, indicating that Apple may be planning its second iPad mini. It has already been an unprecedented year with Apple releasing not one or two, but three tablets, i.e, The new iPad, The iPad mini and the iPad 4.Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 5.09.19 PM

The Cupertino based company is reportedly accelerating its plans for a second-generation iPad Mini, according to CNET. This isn’t the first time rumors have surfaced about a second-generation iPad Mini. Although the 7.9-inch slate was just released in October, rumors have indicated that its successor will feature Apple’s Retina Display technology.

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Launching “iPad Mini” Could Boost iPad Sales Further

Apple Logo money

According to a new analysis, if Apple releases a smaller, compact and less expensive iPad (nick-named as iPad Mini by rumor-mongers) as this September, the new iteration of the iOS device could be a large success with schools who are under budget constraints.

It would also receive a good response from students who are looking for a lighter and more portable iPad.

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Apple Testing 7.85-Inch iPad In Secret Lab?

iPad Mini

In Smallville TV show, Lex Luthor conducted experiments on people infected by green Kryptonite in super-secret laboratories of Project 33.1. If rumors are to believed, now Apple is also doing something similar thing, not on meteor-freaks, but on iPad.

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