Apple Wants Special Apps For China

Many of our news reports have explained that Apple has big plans to sell devices and computers in emerging markets such as China. However, this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has moved the plan from Apple selling hardware to its developers trying to sell apps as well.

Two Thirds Of All Tablets Shipped Are iPads

Samsung and Amazon may have a heart burn. In the world of tablet computers, the iPad is legitimately a dominant force in the industry of tablets and it is a brilliant success for Apple by all accounts.

Apple Sales In China Growing Rapidly

During its recent earnings conference call, Apple said that sales in China are booming. Now a report from Beijing Business Today confirms that.

Apple Settled For Plan B With New iPad?

The latest report from CNET highlights some interesting comments made by DisplayMate‘s CEO Raymond Soneira. The company is in the video diagnostics business. It calibrates and tests displays for manufacturers.