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How Samsung Became The Top iPad Display Supplier For Apple

Workers are seen inside a Foxconn factory in the township of Longhua in the southern Guangdong province

We have been frequently writing about the heated lawsuit between Apple & Samsung. The shallow remarks, flimsy declarations and Micky Mouse like expressions certainly bring in an urge to know the circumstance which Samsung stand as the top supplier for Apple, yet for an iPad display.

Apple today released a press release which explains how Samsung became top iPad Display supplier. According to Apple, while Samsung was allegedly designing their next Galaxy device, Samsung S6 which is a 7″ smartphone manufactured millions of iPad Mini Retina Display.

Samsung spokesperson further explained

“We were copying iPad Mini Retina Display part for our next S6 and in due course, miscommunication between our design team in South Korea and Chinese manufacturer led to 100% copy of Apple’s 7″ tablet display. Millions of these were manufactured in confusion and then sold to Apple as it was. Later Samsung ordered 99.9% copy of iPad display which was more relevant and is now being used in S6. We’re very excited.”

Due to a pause between their teams the Samsung S6 ‘turned’ out to be an imitation of the iPad display, therefore the 100% copy of iPad displays were transported to Apple so as to dispose & move ahead to create 99.9% copy which would be more relevant for S6.

In this procedure, Samsung became the top iPad display supplier for Apple.

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Fundawear Garments: Couples Can Physically Tickle and Tantalize Using iPhone


Wearable Experiments, a socially driven wearable technology company have updated their famous digital magazine for the iPad, The Unlimited Mag-Sex Sells. The update comes with design enhancements and bug fixes. Since inception, their focus has been on approaching wearable technology from a design perspective, in every way possible. The content of this digital print draws in a lot of appreciation and is youthful and energetic.

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Duo Pinball: Arcade Gaming Makes A Comeback!

Lets face it, Pinball machines are near extinct. The once immensely popular pinball tables have been sidelined by their digital counterparts. iOS has dozens of pinball game titles on the app store, and most of them are quite good.Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 9.59.50 AM But there are a few of us hardcore Pinball enthusiasts, who miss those two flipper buttons and a plunger, that made Pinball a behemoth in the coin-operated video game industry. Well, it seems physical controls are about to make a resurgence. Enter Duo Pinball, a pinball peripheral for iOS devices, which promises to let us relive the nostalgia.

Duo pinball is much lighter than I expected, but it’s not at all flimsy. It has an all black plastic body with the plunger and flipper buttons in blue. Overall the build feels quite premium. It connects via bluetooth (3AA batteries required) as most game peripherals do, and sliding your iPad into the device is fairly easy.
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US Air Force Buying 18,000 iPads

US Air Force

The US Air Force (USAF) has ordered over $9 million dollars worth of 32GB iPads.

These iPads are intended to be used as digital manuals and navigation charts for aircraft pilots and crews in the Air Mobility Command.

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