AT&T committed to contract-free Apple iPhone 3G

According to the latest News, AT&T committed to sell a contract-free Apple iPhone 3G, although they will not allow users pre-pay service but in a other way round the customers will still require a standard monthly plan. Now both the 8GB and 16GB version of the handset will be on offer, priced at $599 and $699 respectively….

Orange to offer iPhone service in the UK?

So, UK is going to have another carrier to deliver the iPhone. Their current iPhone carrier is O2, but later this year Orange will join the club. There are already a couple of countries who have more than one carrier for the iPhone, like Italy and Czechia. Maybe this can change some things elsewhere in…

Tutorial: Jailbreak iPhone 3G on 3.1 Using PwnageTool

This guide and tutorial will show you how to jailbreak your iPhone 3G running firmware 3.1, using PwnageTool for Mac OS X. So far, only PwnageTool is available for jailbreaking the 3.1 iPhone 3G and it is only for Mac. I believe a RedSn0w method for both Mac and PC will be available soon. 1….

After All It Had To Be Here, Worms for iPhone

After a very long wait, Worms is finally here. You can now shoot your opponent to heaven with bazooka’s, banana bombs, grenates and many more weapons. The fun and addictive game finally arrived for the iPhone.

Simple Hack: Free MMS on the iPhone 3G For T-Mobile

Simple Tutorial to Hack for Free MMS on the iPhone 3G running 3.0 with T-Mobile. Note that this hack only works for T-Mobile on the iPhone 3G. First, go to Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network. Add the following in MMS field: * APN: * Username: leave blank * Password: leave…

Downgrade iPhone 3g baseband 2.30 to 2.28

For those who have wanted to unlock their iPhone 3G but have updated to the 2.30 baseband, hope is now here. Thanks to the work of dev pH, a tool has been created to downgrade your baseband, and allow a unlock to occur once again. To run the pHaseBanDowngrader, connect via SSH to your iPhone…

Step by Step Guide for iPhone 3G Unlock using Ultrasn0w

The software unlock solution for iPhone 3G – Ultrasn0w was released several days ago. All iPhone 3G got excited about this release as ultrasn0w. Unlike the previous unlock solution “yellowsn0w”, which can only unlock iPhone 3G with baseband 2.28.00, ultrasn0w can unlock any iPhone 3G with the latest baseband 4.26.08.