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Outgoing calls going mute on some iPhone 4S handsets

iPhone 4S

As if battery related problems of iPhone 4S was not enough, iPhone 4S there is a new problem with not all, but with many handsets of Apple iPhone 4S.

On the Apple Support forum, there is a new thread where visitors are sharing the experiences of not being able to hear anything when making outgoing calls.

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How to save your iPhone 4S’ battery

iPhone 4S Battery

When iPhone 4S was launched, it was being said that the battery of iPhone 4S would be so powerful and efficient that you would need to charge it just once a month.

However, many users of iPhone 4S shared their experinces of seeing battery getting drained in less than a week, on online forums. Engineers from Apple contacted many users and after consulting them, put tracking device type gadgets in their phones to see how long the battery lasted. So far, nobody has been able to figure out why battery is getting drained so fast. Despite having higher capicity (5.3) than the iPhone 4 battery (5.25), the battery life of iPhone 4S is low.

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