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iPhone Built For China Telecom Approved

China Telecom

The release of iPhone 4S in China will not be the end of a story. There is still more to it. However, instead of China Unicom, it is China Telecom that is in the picture. A version of the Apple’s iPhone built for China Telecom’s networks has been approved by a Chinese regulator, hinting that the smartphone would reach of customers of the mobile operator very soon.

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Free iPhone 4S From China Unicom

China Unicom

We know what you are thinking? Yes, China Unicom does intend to give “free” iPhone 4S, but not the way you think. You know that other than fresh air, nothing is free in life.

We reported earlier that iPhone 4S would be released in China on 13 January 2012. Now carrier China Unicom is offering a deal to those who are eager to get their hands on iPhone 4S.

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