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iPhone 4S Review

One year since launching iPhone 4, Apple has been busy in developing and marketing, iPhone 4S, iCloud and iOS 5. iPhone 4S has been released and has broken several records in sales and pre-orders. If its features are mystery to some people on one hand, then on the other hand,
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Leaked Photos of the Upcoming iPhone 4S?

Leaked photos of the iPhone 4S have allegedly been posted on Tinh te. The photos are been considered from a very consistent source. The photos look very convincing and make you believe because it is accurately like iPhone 4 white displays.

Additional information of these leaked photos indicates that this device seems to run faster than the iPhone 4 which is lighter weight and here the two glass front and back looks like it has been used instead of two plastic sheets.

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Leaked iPhone 4GS’ Test Device Photos?

Apple.pro has re-posted some photographs that were earlier published to Weibo, a Chinese microblogging similar to Twitter. MacRumors claims the image to be an iPhone 4GS test model and run iOS 4.0.

The site also reports that the device is said to be similar to the earlier iPhone 4, which comes with 32GB of storage and 5 megapixel camera found on the diagnostic software. The site even mention the iTunes artwork display unusual but as some MacRumors readers have noted out that no camera and display to simply seems to be of an early iPhone 4 rather than of a forthcoming device.

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