China Unicom In Talks To Extend Apple Partnership

In March, we reported how happy China Unicom was while partnering with Apple. Now it seems that the happiness would exist for a longer time as China Unicom is planning to extend partnership with Apple.

Apple’s Smartphone Market Share In China Now Up To 19%

Recently, there have been various news reports about the growing popularity and sales of iPhone in China. With over a billion cell phone users, and still growing, China is a crucial market for Apple in its quest to sell more smartphones.

China Mobile Seeks iPhone Cooperation With Apple

It was recently revealed by China Mobile that the company was in ongoing negotiations with Apple to bring the iPhone to its network. Reuters reported that chairman Xi Guohua said that the company is “actively talking to Apple” to shareholders during the company meeting.

Apple Fixes iPhone 4S To Support China Mobile Despite No Partnership

Last month, we reported the technical issues regarding iPhone 4S not supporting China Mobile SIM cards. This issue was confirmed by Apple as well as China Mobile. Now the good news is that the issue has been fixed. Apple has a really big heart because Appel fixed this issue without partnership.

iPhone 4S Coming On China Telecom On 9 March

Earlier there were reports of iPhone 4S to be available on China Telecom in February. With February almost over, people in China must be wondering why iPhone 4S is not available on China Telecom.

Issue With iPhone 4S And China Mobile SIM Cards Confirmed

New issues regarding iPhone 4S are cropping up in China. Apple has confirmed that some people are experiencing compatibility issues when putting a China Mobile SIM card in the new iPhone 4S. China Mobile itself has also confirmed this issue.