Here Are Chuck Norris Facts For Siri

When Chuck Norris was a school-going kid, teachers used to bunk classes. Did you like this Chuck Norris Fact? Siri will share more such facts with you.

Siri Sued For False Advertising

Imagine a teenager sending a text message to his mom via iMessage and autocorrect somehow changes the context into an inappropriate message. As a result, the teen is grounded by his mom.

Apple Wins Ad Standards Conflict Over Siri In UK

When the iPhone 4S and Siri were launched in the United Kingdom (UK) last October, carrier Vodafone created a website advertisement that promoted the features of Siri, the intelligent assistant inside iPhone 4S. The advertisement said (among many other things) that Siri “can even use information from your iPhone – such as your location, contacts…

The Banned Siri Rock God Commercial

Here is a new version of Siri Commercial that made conservative people (and people with backward thinking) raise eyebrows. It had been popularly titled as “Rock God” commercial.