Samsung Backs Down

This past Friday, iPhone 4S released successfully in South Korea, much to the delight of South Koreans.

Samsung Apple showdown in March 2012

As the legal tussle between Apple and Samsung heats up, the two electronics giants are ready for another showdown in March 2012.

Apple avoids sharing contract details with Samsung

As reported earlier this week, Australian court as ordered Apple to share details of contracts signed with Australian carriers with Samsung. Aiming to stall the sales of iPhone 4S in Australia, Samsung has sought information about subsidies that Apple receives from carriers. Samsung wants to see if the amounts of subsidies result to anti-competitive behavior….

Aussie Judge asks Apple to share contract details with Samsung

With a streak of defeats and embarrassments in court, Samsung might have one reason to be happy now as a judge in Australia has asked Apple to share the details of contracts in Australia with Samsung. Apple has been asked to share the copies of contracts signed with Australian mobile carriers.