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The Newest Speculated iPhone 6 With a Physical Mockup

We have been observing quite a number of sources airing photos and videos of iPhone mockups on the rumored iPhone 6. Most of the shown cases and mockups appear to be professed and the lack of concreteness create further anxiety around. MacRumors have got hold of something firm, apparently we don’t know this will be helpful, or might just expand the horizon of whispers going around.

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Increase in Sapphire Display Cost May Restrict Production of Next iPhone

iphone-6-glass-saphaire1The supply chain sources at Apple assert it might be difficult for the giant to turn around large qualities of 5.5-inch iPhone into production. This is essentially due to rising cost of Sapphire as the display material. As stated by a report, the soaring cost of sapphire as one of the components required for production might be an obstacle in producing a scratch-resistant iPhone version.

Looking into the details of the report we observe that a sapphire display will cost around $280 which is a notable shoot up from $44 deployed for a 4-inch retina display in iPhone 5s. This extra expense of $236 will lead to a price escalation of an iPhone, eventually affecting the maximum retail price and heavily impacting the affordability point for the consumers.

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Has Apple Got its Mojo Back?

Wall_Street_-_New_York_Stock_ExchangeApple’s share prices closed at $600.96 Monday afternoon setting a new 52-week high for the company. Being a high in the March quarter, Apple announced an expanded capital reinvestment program.

The New York Stock Exchange, credit Carlos Delgado via Wikipedia.

When the markets closed at 4:00 Eastern, Apple was at $600.96. The company crossed the $600 threshold just minutes before the NASDAQ halted official trading for the day.

Apple shares closed above $600 for the first time since November of 2012, but are still off $100 from their all-time high reached in September of that same year. Apple’s shares were up more than $8 for the day to reach the mark. The company’s market capitalization is now at $517.65 billion.

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Next iPhone Screen Size

We have been hearing quite a lot about the iPhone 6 increased screen size. Looking at a comparison of the screen size between an iPhone and its other counterparts, clearly says the increase of the screen size is proportional to the thickness of the iPhone. While comparing the iPhone with a
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Temperature Sensor- A New iPhone 6 Feature?

Apple’s doing this and we know it will be the meaningful way. Apple would be launching iPhone 6 sometime in fall. Besides many other new upgrades, there are rumors that the device will be equipped with the new temperature and humidity sensor. The temperature sensor will work with the help of
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Apple to Include Sharp’s Futuristic p-Si LCDs for iPhone 6

Apple has reportedly selected Sharp's poly-silicon LCD display for the 2012 iPhone 6, according to Japanese newspaper Nikkan. The rumors about iphone 6 has already resurfaced even before the iPhone 5 is out. According to Modmyi site, Apple is planning to work with Sharp to produce futuristic, next-generation low-temperature poly-silicon LCD
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