Apple Compensates iMessage Bug Victim

Since December, the reports of a bug leaking the personal iMessages of a person to everyone have been doing rounds. Due to the bug, the iMessages can, apparently, continue to be sent and received from the stolen phone after a remote wipe and a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card deactivation.

Apple Claims Leak Of iMessage “Not A Bug”

Yesterday we reported that an apparent bug had appeared in Apple’s iMessage service that allowed iMessages to be sent to a stolen iPhone. The whole world could read the iMessages of the person whose iPhone had the bug.

iPhone Bug Will Let The World Peek Into Your Personal Life

In Truman Show, Jim Carrey did not know that city that he was living in was a big stage and there were cameras everywhere. Whatever he did was being seen on TV by yet whole world. Now there is an iPhone bug that may not be able to show you your actions to the world…

iPhone bug showing wrong picture on Facebook

Next time you decide to comment on a photo that you see on Facebook, make sure, your comment goes on that photo and other comments listed there are in the context of that photo.