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Monitoring smartphones with Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy, a mobile monitoring software, has some extensive solutions to help you out with all your legitimate curiosities. You’ve provided for a number of phones to your employees but you wonder if they are getting any work done at all? Or you wish to fulfill your child’s desire but you’re afraid to hand out that gadget? MobileSpy provides an in-depth tracking service which helps you to monitor your phone from anywhere. All you’ll need is the Internet.

I’ll tell you about the process involved in setting this up with your phone. Before which I’ll give you a quick view of it’s monitoring capabilities.
Monitor – Messages, logs, photos, videos, social networking logs like Facebook or Whatsapp, mails, apps installed, iMessages, websites visited, Youtube videos watched, location, contacts and calendar entries.

After you install Mobile Spy onto your phone, it starts at every boot of your phone and stays invisible thereafter. Mobile Spy allows you to monitor 3 devices with one subscription.

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