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Foxconn Needs 20,000 Factory Workers To Make iPhone 5

Foxconn Employees

Now that the new iPad is available for consumers, Foxconn has started hiring employees to build the next iPhone. According to latest reports, Foxconn is short 20,000 pairs of hands to handle Apple’s production demands for the next generation iPhone (also known as iPhone 5 among Apple fanboys and rumormongers).

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Will iPhone 5 Look Like This?

iPhone 5 mock

Nobody knows when iPhone 5 will arrive. Apple has also not made any announcement. Nor the Cupertino based tech-giant has made any commitment in this regard. Yet artists and design firms are creating their own mock-ups of iPhone 5.

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iPhone 5 To Be Waterproof?

iPhone 5 Waterproof

According to a study, most of the damaged iPhones suffer the damage due to water. In fact in UK, most of the iPhones get damaged by falling in the water inside the toilet seat when the iPhone owner is lowering trousers to use toilet. Many times, little toddlers in the house drop the phone and anything in the water. With water being the reason for most of the iPhone damages, iPhone users must have wished for a waterproof iPhone.

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