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Explore Your Feminine Side With These Inviting Wearables


The next generation of wearables show a strong fashion sense and are equipped with features which make a woman feel carefree and at times empowered. With iWatch gathering the much accepted hype we thought of exploring feminine Wearables and combining all into one. These wearables will surely evoke you to buy one for yourself.

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Lawsuit Filed Against Apple By Agitated iPhone Users

Yesterday we wrote about Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung and how unusual that today we are writing about a lawsuit filed by few agitated iPhone users. Apparently, David Yastarb has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple both individually and on behalf of others in California. The epicentre of the lawsuit is on iOS7 issues and particularly the grayed out issue which happens with wifi and Bluetooth making them unusable. The suit filed is of value more than $5 million.

The lawsuit gives an explanation on the various generation of iPhone’s experiencing reduced functionality due to iOS updates, and necessarily forcing consumers to render their iPhones obsolete, which means consumers get procure a latest one.

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iPhone Gained It’s Lost Ground

Studies from Kantar Worldpanel shows an influx of demand for the iPhone, in markets such as Europe, Japan and Australia. The credit goes to the rising sales trend of iPhone 5s which has helped to win back the market share in these geographies. In the first quarter of 2014, the
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 ITC reviews Samsung vs Apple

The battle between Apple and Samsung seems unending. The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has now once again stepped into the prior ruling. The ITC will review the judgment that ruled that Apple did not intrude on four specific patents of Samsung and issue a final verdict on the case in January 2013.

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iPhone 5: Is it worth waiting for?

Can you feel the excitement building? We’ve been deluged with iPhone 5 rumours over the past couple of months and everything is pointing toward the imminent announcement and release of Apple’s next smartphone. Some say August, others October, but whatever the exact date we’re going to have our hands on it by Christmas.

If you’ve been considering an upgrade because your existing phone contract is ending soon or you’ve just gotten tired of your current handset, the iPhone is likely to be near the top of the list, but is it worth waiting for the new version to go on sale before buying? Let’s lay out the pros and cons.

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