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The Lecia M camera Apple iPhone

I am fortunate enough to own and use a Leica M camera. There is no doubt about, why these cameras carry a well-known status or command such a premium price. Without any confusion we can assume that Apple fans and Leica shutterbugs can share a similar passion and dedication to their
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iPhone4 test commences (Drop Test-1)

Its iPhone4 time yay! and unless it passes through various kinds of drop, blend, eat, break, surgery, and various other tests we von't be at ease. So, the first drop test is here along with some astounding results. Watch out the video and you might be convinced regarding the robustness
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Compare the beauty, Compare all!

Boy Genius got the iPhone4 and just now reported what iPhone4 is all about. So, folks iPhone4 is up and you can compare the screen, display, shape, size, weight, width and everything possible but don't forget to compare one thing more, which is? Whom does Apple like more Gizmodo or
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