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Does Photo Booth Get Simpler?

The current editions of iPhoto and Aperture have abandoned the open folder system for something more safe “Library” format. In Lion the Photo Booth takes the thrust as well.

Many people trying to “clean up” their processors end up breaking iPhoto. This caused due to the main reason being the switch from an open folder system to a closed, self-sufficient library and also to help the inexperienced users.

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The Aperture 3 page is now live!

Apple just announced the release of Aperture 3, with over 200 new features to the professional photo editing and management application. The updated version includes iPhone like Faces and Places tagging features introduced last year, as well as a new feature called Brushes for making painting image adjustments to photos.
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Apple seeks Google Maps independency

Computerworld reveals today, that in all quietness Apple acquired Placebase back in July. Placebase is a product similar to Google Maps with maps covering the whole world and availability to zoom in and out on places you want to get a closer look at. The differences though, are that Google
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