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How to set your music app to stop playing after a set amount of time [TUTORIAL]

Music app timer iPod

While at work, many people like to play music on their iPod or in some iPhone which is equipped with some music playing app. With easy tasks accomplished which you enjoyed while listening to the music, you want to focus on tricky tasks and do not want music to interrupt. Now you disturb your task by turning off music player.

Why do you need to waste time to turn off the music? Just follow a simple procedure to set a time and your music playing app would automatically stop playing music. Quiet similar to putting it to sleep mode the way you often go to sleep while listening to music and wake up to find that your app had been playing music all along, draining your iPod’s battery for no reason. Now you can make your app go to sleep at a time set by you.

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The Life And Times Of Steve Jobs [EDITORIAL]

Steve Jobs RIP

The birth of an icon like Steve Jobs is the event of a century. Steve Jobs was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His childhood was like the childhood of any boy. Yet, he struggled, toiled, worked hard and finally created a Multi-billion dollar company that is known as Apple Inc today.

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iPod Playlists on your Home Screens

Fed up with going through long list in your iPod to find your favorite song? Gave up the idea of playing your favorite song, just to avoid the "labor" of going though playlists? Here comes, a quick and easy shortcut that allows you to access and play your favorite playlists
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The tabletwars, are they over without even starting?

A whole bunch of manufacturers are busy trying to create a killer tablet to be able to compete with the iPad. And for many of those manufacturers Google’s Android operating system is the way to go. The hopes are high, since Android already managed to take the leading market share in the smartphone market. A few years ago Apple’s iOS reigned supreme, but was forcefully dethroned by a never-ending series of competitive Android smartphones. But is the tablet business that comparable to the smartphone industry? And shouldn’t we compare it to a much older case, that isn’t that positive for other manufacturers but perhaps fits the bill way better?

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AnyRing: Set song as your Ringtone [Jailbreak]

AnyRing Developed by Yaniv Danan AnyRing via Cydia is a great app for all those who love to have different ringtones. Now AnyRing software will makes it lot easier to set ringtones of your songs choice as your ringtone. The app allows you to Disable/enable vibration when playing Ringtone. There is
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