Breaking News: Dev Team fix UltrasnOw issues with iOS 4.3.1

According to the latest report, Dev Team for iPhone has announced that they have managed to fix UltraSn0w issues with iOS 4.3.1. But it will take some time to release the update for those who are on an unlockable baseband. Note: Remember that this is not a new unlock but an update to UltraSn0w which…

Wall Street Journal App now available for $1.99

Now the iPad user has the option of buying single issue downloads for $1.99 each. Earlier the content in the free app was limited . The latest edition has include “Now Edition” with regular News update which is available for $18 a month, and a comprehensive bundle available at $3.99 per week. [Via]

Food & Wine first appearance on iPad

Wine enthusiasts have another reason to love their iPads, as Food & Wine magazine launches a new app, overflowing with delicious content. Last month we have seen the launch of wine app for iPad but this time we can see both wine and Food. These two combinations are mean for each other. Magazines about cooking…

iPhone 4 maps gashes heart of Arunachal

On Sunday people of Arunachal Pradesh staged a strong protest with the Central government over California based Apple’s iPhone4 covering maps depicting the Northeastern Indian state as part of Chinese territory. This didn’t go well with the people of the state; many section of the society shows their concern and displeasure over Apple Company. The…

iPod Classics crash after being hooked up to iTunes 9

During the last couple of weeks a lot of cases have been reported where an iPod Classic crashes, in many cases beyond repair, when being hooked up to iTunes 9. The cases of which we know mostly concern iTunes 9 for Windows, but Mac OSX may also be affected by this harmful threat.

App Store listing broken, has Apple tampered too much?

Today reports started flooding the internet of a malfunctioning App Store. According to various sources, iPhone reviewers and iPhone developers, recently submitted applications have gone missing from the “New” listing and this listing isn’t being updated anymore…

Where’s iPod Touch with Camera?

Last week’s rumor of iPod touch launch problems seems to be fishy here. There were deep speculation of Camera iPod Touch to be announced today.