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In case you missed this London iStore tour..(Video)

London set to start the 300th retail iStore in the Covent Garden from today which is apparently "The world's largest Apple Store" The Apple iStore witnessed a long queue up on Friday outside this biggest iStore, which will have the highest volume of iPhones in any other shop worldwide. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nqlhzve4BOw&feature=player_embedded Ron Johnson,
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iPod Touch as EasyPay checkout device

It has a credit card reader, barcode scanner and signature application… and though it’s housed in hard plastic shell so the original iPod Touch design is hidden, it’s still much more handy looking than most of the currently existing retail store checkout systems out there. The new iPod Touch made device
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Apple is Running out of iMacs and Mac Minis

Another clue has just appeared to a nearly product upgrade on the desktop based Macs. This week, Apple has informed its direct sales channels, that iMac and Mac Mini has entered a period of constraint, but without any official reason. For instance, Amazon.com, one of the company’s largest authorized Mac dealers,
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