Japan Gets iTunes Match

Apple is branching out iTunes Match in Japan which can be noticed on the ‘iTunes Match availability’ page. The service costs JPY3980 annually and it allows users to match their existing iTunes libraries with superior quality songs from Apple’s iCloud. Subsequent to matching, content becomes available in iCloud and can be accessed from any device….

iTunes Match Coming To Japan?

iTunes Match was a rage the moment it came into existence. It has been launched in many countries and many countries are waiting for iTunes launch. The wait for Japan seems to end.

iTunes Match Launched In 19 More Countries

The enthusiasm and curiosity over iTunes Match has been going strong for sometime. People over the world had been waiting for iTunes Match to be released in their countries. Apple’s iTunes Match service has now expanded to a total of 37 countries.

iTunes Match Setup Guide And FAQ Posted By Apple

Apple has posted a new webpage for iTunes Match. This web-page includes a setup guide, a FAQ, and a description of how the service works. The information is helpful not only to experienced Apple customers, but also to millions of new customers who got Apple devices during the Christmas holidays.

iTunes Match Available In 17 Countries

When iTunes Match was released internationally on 15 December 2011, some people claimed online that apart from countries announced by Apple, iTunes Match was also available in some countries that were not announced by Apple. Apple users in those countries were able to access iTunes Match services, much to their own surprise.

New iTunes Match Subscriptions Halted In UK

Are you ready to sync your music collection without going through the hassles of searching and arranging it? Are you glad to see iTunes Match and iCloud services? If you live in UK, you are in for a disappointment. At least for now.