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Apple’s Store Services suffered prominent outage late Tuesday

The ‘system status’ page was updated by Apple around 7:30 PM Pacific, reflecting restricted availability for various services including App Store, iTunes Match, iTunes Store, Apple TV, iBooks Store, iTunes Store and Mac App Store.

This downtime of the store services affected users who were unable to have complete access or use the Apple website, along with others such as Apple Online Store, Apple ID, Apple Music, FaceTime, iCloud, TestFlight, iMessage and several other services, eventually hinting that Apple had Server or DNS issues.

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Japan Will Enjoy iTunes Pass And Passbook-based iTunes Credit Refills At Apple Stores


Japan will enjoy a new service launched by Apple, iTunes Pass which allows users to go to an Apple Store in Japan, buy credit in-store for the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBookstore, after which money will be applied immediately to the Apple ID account instead of requiring to receive a gift card and entering a redemption code. This new service for iTunes Store, App Store, and iBookstore will be availed by users in Japan with iPhones and iPod touch.

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iTunes in the Cloud Makes an Entry in Germany

As noticed on a German site, Apple today made an entry path for iTunes in the Cloud in Germany which includes access to movies and television shows. Users can now download TV shows on their Apple Tv along with playing any paid content bought by them.


Before this update, iTunes in the Cloud in Germany was restricted to apps, music and e-books although movies could be bought from iTunes. Apparently, Apple has also updated the terms of service in the country in order to indicate new content offerings but their respective pages are yet to be updated.

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Amazon Cloud Music Player nixed on iTunes

When iTunes was launched, it sold one million songs in a week for 99 cents each.

You had the luxery of playing the music stored in your Music Beta by signing in with your Google account. You could listen to music on your iPhone after signing in with an app called G-Music.

An app similar to G-music, called aMusic launched by Amazon also served the same purpose. This app would have enabled you to play music in your Amazon storage locker on iOS. However, unfortunately, this cannot happen.

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Sharing Apple ID with your family

iCloud and iOS 5 were launched this past Wednesday. For iCloud, Using an "Apple ID" that can used by not just an individual but by whole family can be problematic. Before iOS 5 came, sharing Apple ID was not a problem as mostly Apple ID was used to purchase content on
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Putting a ringtone in your iPhone 4S

So you have purchased your iPhone 4S and ready to use it. Changing Siri's voice may not be possible right now but you have the option of choosing your ringtone that would notify you of incoming calls and messages. Listening to old "Beep Beep" seems old fashioned and today people want
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iTunes 10.5 Released

Years ago, when iTunes was launched by Apple, it opened a new chapter in the dimension of online music and turned out to be big treat for online music lovers. Now the advanced version called iTunes has been released which is being seen as the first step towards Apple's upgrade towards
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Apple May Test 1080p Movies Through iTunes

Early this fall Apple may start testing the sale of 1080o Movies through its iTunes service, reported by AppleInsider. The site revealed that a handful of feature films have been submitted to iTunes store for a release that was set in September and October along with documentation for a optional 1920×1080 resolution, according to people well-known with the matter.

According to same people, one such film from 20th century seem to have appeared with encoding options for SD (480p), HD (720p), and a new, third format listed as HD+ (1080p). In the same way, a few numbers of forthcoming release from two of the other ‘big 5’ movies were put forward with optional resolutions of 1920×1080 and also with an standard bitrate encoding of 10,000 kbps.

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