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Manage money using the mind of the millionare: iMoney Jars [iphone app review]

Are you a T.Harv Eker fan? Or wish to have a similar Millionare Story? Or you’ve simply wanted to implement a Money Management System to see if it works for the good? Chances are you could only get richer. The widely talked about money management system, The Jars System, is what this app iMoneyJars by Giovanni Accetta is all about.

Aren’t aware of what the Jars system preaches? Well then before I speak on the actual app here’s a diagram of  how the system asks you to allocate your money. Once you get into the habit of this, many swear by it’s great results.

I found Steve Martile’s article very helpful in understanding the system. If the arrows in my diagram have annoyed you out of understanding it you can read Steve’s article on   How to Use The Money Jars System.

If that interested you enough, you could get this app to help you out. Among the many Money Managing Apps, I found this one interestingly made as it

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