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Is The Era Of Laptops Over or is There a Last Show Left?


They form one of the most prized and secretive possessions anyone ever owns. We love them, they know of our every mood, they contain our secret stash of erotica and they sometimes host snaps of former paramour , future dream-girls and our darkest fantasies . They form an important part of our professional life too, they contain all the information required to get through a day of work without the boss’s wrath. We love them so much, at times, we have a nickname for it too. If you haven’t guessed it yet, you’ll realise it with a jolt when I mention the word ‘laptop’. Laptop or ‘lappies ’ as they are more adorably called form an almost integral part of life , college and above. Recently however, a barrage of products have tried to liberally replace this wonderful species .However, surely there is still one last fight left in this gallant and adored species.

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iPad meant for Medicine

The US emergency room doctors begin using the devices to order lab tests and medications; and other medical pros find other ways to deploy the Apple tablet. Here in Chicago area, doctors are increasingly using iPads as medical tools, accessing medical records, showing X-rays and other lab tests and more. A
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Doctor with the iPad! Why?

Why iPad all around again? I stated this statement because I can see people especially every professionals carrying an iPad to their work place. The younger generation though uses much of it. I just wanted to say that Apple’s products are becoming a style statement in the present world. But what’s
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Adobe’s Flash Player 10.1 is too little, too late

From the time Apple CEO Steve Jobs Published an open letter in late April claiming that Adobe had yet to deliver a Flash Player running well on a mobile platform, there has been considerable interest on the Adobe's much-hyped Flash Player 10.1. The performance of Adobe's Flash Player 10.1 has been
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Survey on women about iPad users

The survey untaken by the Yahoo and Resolve Market research brings about exciting and very informative among the women iPad users. In the initial survey by Yahoo! a couple of weeks after iPad’s initial launch the survey discovered that initial uptakes were generally considered to be wealthy males in their late
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iPad owners prefer e-books to print.

You will find some amusing factor and Data about iPad owner and their though about e-books App. The survey will also include about how much the iPad owners are very much attached with their device. Let’s see some interesting revelation from the iPad owners: According to Cooper Murphy Webb says more
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