Launching “iPad Mini” Could Boost iPad Sales Further

According to a new analysis, if Apple releases a smaller, compact and less expensive iPad (nick-named as iPad Mini by rumor-mongers) as this September, the new iteration of the iOS device could be a large success with schools who are under budget constraints. It would also receive a good response from students who are looking…

iPad 3 Price Not To Change From iPad 2

For some time, there have been reports stating that the new iPad 3 will go on sale at a mark up on the original iPad prices by $70-$80 due to the higher spec.

7.85-inch iPad Coming Later This Year?

The launch of iPad 3 is less than a week away. However, this cannot deter rumor mongers to spread news about a smaller iPad. We have been hearing about “iPad mini” for more than a year now.

Apple Orders 65 Million Retina Displays For iPad 3

There are various online reports according to which, Apple has ordered a whopping 65 million high-resolution 264 Pixels Per Inch (PPI) Retina Displays from Samsung and LG Display for its upcoming iPad 3.