How to set your iPhone Homescreen and Lockscreen Wallpaper in OS 4.0

Here, are the steps that has to be followed in-order to set one’s iPhone Homescreen and Lockscreen wallpaper. It includes a very simple and easy steps. Step 1. The first steps requires you to press in-order to launch Settings from the Springboard. Step 2. Now tap to choose Wallpaper from the Settings Menu. Step 3….

LockInfo: Add information to your lockscreen [Jailbreak App]

LockInfo by David Ashman LockInfo is a useful app that allows you to add information to your lockscreen such as; weather information, upcoming calendar events, missed calls, missed text messages and new emails. In the settings you are able to turn on/off a Lockscreen and Homescreen option. The Homescreen option provide the mod as a…