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Mac OS X Lion Downloads One Million in First Day

Apple has made known that over 1million user has purchase and downloaded Mac OS X Lion in just one day. The latest released is the eight key releases of the world’s most powerful operating system. You can purchase Mac OS X Lion through the Mac App Store at the price of $29.99(US). The record and number of downloads reveal that users are purchasing Lion faster than any operating software launch in Apple’s history.

Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president says that Mac OS X Lion has a terrific start, great user review, and industry response have been incredible. He also adds that Lion is a great achievement and not only packed with tremendous features but extremely easy for users to update their Macs, and avail the best operating system they ever made.

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Apple Confirmed Mac OS X Lion to Launch Today

Apple has made known that Mac OS X Lion will be release today and has launch Migration Assistant Update for Mac OS X Lion Snow Leopard..

Apple Chief Operating Officer Oppenheimer has revealed this information during the Apple third quarter net profit call. Mac OS X Lion when launch will be available on the Mac App Store. Folks keep on reading, will update you with more information as soon as the download becomes available.

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