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Fixing Mouse Related issues on OS X Lion

OK! You may have upgraded your OS X Lion. Now are you surprised to see some freaky activities like Safari opening all of a sudden? While browsing, does your page zooms on its own as if you double tapped your mouse? These problems are due to your mouse. The upgrade might have tampered with the settings of your Mouse.

There are certain tips to fix this problem.

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Apple Confirmed Mac OS X Lion to Launch Today

Apple has made known that Mac OS X Lion will be release today and has launch Migration Assistant Update for Mac OS X Lion Snow Leopard..

Apple Chief Operating Officer Oppenheimer has revealed this information during the Apple third quarter net profit call. Mac OS X Lion when launch will be available on the Mac App Store. Folks keep on reading, will update you with more information as soon as the download becomes available.

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Apple Store Hold on Overnight to Prepare for Lion?

Apple employees will apparently be working overtime again on Tuesday to make way for Mac OS X Lion. 9to5Mac says that in the Apple employees hall of all the retail chain there holds large tubes which have a new poster for both front of store posters and poster within the store.

9to5Mac has also heard that each store has been delivering a Lion packing Mac pro for an unknown reason. Earlier reports indicate about LaCie hard drives are laden with the Gold Master seed of Lion image that are ready to be linked as installer on the Macs right through the showroom floor.

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Apple Store Ready for OS X Lion & New MacBook Air?

Apple Store employees have been told to work overnight on July 13th in order to prepare the release of Mac OS X Lion or a new MacBook Air. This report has been told by 9to5Mac site and this very site has mentioned about the predictions that Apple will release Mac OS X Lion on July 14th.

Earlier 9to5Mac mentioned that they are expecting Lion release and also new MaceBook Airs. Chances are there that MacBook Air release can bring a faster storage, a sandy Bridge CPU and Thunderbolts. They also says they have heard some stories of backlit keyboards, 3Gs, a black option and interesting 15 inch MacBook Air HD but at this point it seem doubtful.

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