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Mac OS X Gets ZFS Support

ZEVO Silver Edition

There have been rumors about Apple to include support for the ZFS file system designed by Sun. These rumors date back even before Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz announced in 2007 that Leopard would utilize ZFS as its file system.

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Photo editing will be added to Mac Office by Microsoft

Watch the video here Microsoft on Wednesday said that the next version of office for the Mac will get two key features that were part of the latest Windows version: photo editing and mini charts in Excel, known as Sparklines.                                                                                                                                                                                               The working of the two features was shown by the company
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Apple knows about the data loss issue

Yesterday, we warned about a major bug in Snow Leopard that deletes all user data if you log in to your guest account. The bug was first mentioned in Apple’s discussion forum and was actually mentioned several times before Neowin brought the history and it became known to all news
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Another 10.6.2 build – Fixes several major issues

Today, the Apple developer community received another Mac OS 10.6.2 build (10C519f), which addresses major issues such as Core Data, video corruption and a problem which caused System Preferences to freeze. The optical drive issue noted in the first Mac OS X Snow Leopard build (10C514f) however, does not yet seem
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