Apple’s Device Enrollment Program is what hackers get sensitive data

There is a flaw being seen at Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) which allows an attacker having been exploitation under private information on iPhone, iPad and Mac devices which was used by schools and businesses also which obtains private details such as an organization’s address, phone number and email addresses. Apple products have issued work…

Teen Hacked Apple’s servers, received probation as ‘1 TB of sensitive info’ recovered

An Australian high school student last month was found to have repeatedly hacked the Apple servers, which is downloaded being initially believed what has been 90GB of “secure files” Now, that teenager has been handed his punishment. Thus as reported by Bloomberg, the Australian High School student who was 16 began hacking into Apple’s servers….

Final Cut Pro X gains eGPU support in macOS Mojave

Apple publishes a support document outlining Final Cut Pro X support for external graphics recently. Hence the document not only has a variety of notes which not only paves the way to have a Final Cut Pro X, where the users gained benefits from an eGPU setup. With there being two ways of enabling the…

‘iPad-2018 Fall’ confirms new iPad Pro next month debut

Apple announced iOS 12.1 giving a peek new feature. Thus to suggest feature making a sense is the release of new iPad having a TrueDepth camera system. Currently, Memoji supports iPhone adding support where the users want to sync characters in each device. With iOS 12.1 offers a hint with a new iPad model comes at this…

Tim Cook’s TV Interview with Brian Williams

Tim Cook has been Apple’s CEO for almost a year now and this evening, he gave his first official television interview on NBC’s Rock Center. Cook Spoke about his role as CEO after Steve Jobs, Map debacle and Apple’s future.

Developer hacks Samsung 7 to run OS X Lion

After a long time, this is a new news surrounding Apple and Samsung that has nothing to do with the legal battle that is going on between them in Australia and Europe.