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Progress Towards Sapphire Manufacturing May Elevate Competition


Apple dramatically transformed the design of MacBook Pro line of notebooks by embracing aluminum as one of the core components used in production. By doing this, Apple benefitted and the industry in a whole flourished. Now, the company is prepared to revolutionize sapphire manufacturing in a corresponding way, but Verge argues that ,its solely Apple who is going to benefit from this move.

When Apple gave an introduction to aluminum unibody MacBook Pros back in 2008, the company was depended on third-party suppliers to furnish the material needed for notebook production. Apple’s support helped manufacturers to scale up production levels and meet the growing demand for unibody machines.

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Final Cut Pro X Updated

Mac Final Cut Pro X

Apple’s editing software Final Cut Pro X has received an update. In the Mac app store, the updated version is available as Version 10.0.2. The price is $299.99 with a free 30-day trial available.

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Speculation of NFC in the next iPhone 5.

It would be a great achievement for Apple, if it becomes a success. Near Field Communication (NFC) is being tested on the Apple’s lab to install it in the next iPhone. Imagine I can then click a photo and transfer it to the near iDevice may be the iPad, iPod
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Lowest price ever for Mac in this year.

I must have waked up with a good omen behind me today, when I discovered that Mac will be available with discount. It was declared that the Apple’s largest authorized reseller is giving the huge Macs with hefty discounts. The reseller MacConnection is offering the 2.4GHz 13" MacBook Pro for $1,049.00 ($150
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