Connect Yourself with WWDC 2011 Schedule ( June 6th-10th)

Why don’t you immerse yourself in five exciting days of learning, exploring, and discovering new ways to create innovative, high-performance apps? WWDC 2011 will be starting few hours from now. Check out the schedule for WWDC 2011 starting from 6th June to 10th June.

Media companies crush Time Warner Cable over streaming App

The Time warner Cable has not got over from getting flak from several media companies over the right to offer streaming video for the iPad. Its been only a few days back where the Time warner Cable has face the criticism. Now the News Corp. is the latest to send a letter to Time Warner…

Come, Let’s See Apple’s Latest Creation

The very expected Apple Event, is now sceduled for 27th of January 2010. Apple finally sent out press invites for the event. “Come see our latest creation” it says. Can’t help but see the new tablet in there. Come what may, at least we know that it’s gonna be a colour device.

New Tablet Rumors

Bill Keller, The New York Times executive editor, talked to the digital group at The New York Times October 16th with focus on the next couple of months. In his speech he mentioned delivery of content to mobile devices, including the “impending Apple slate.” The New York Times is rumored to become a huge part…