Unlock An Adventurous Journey And Subjugate The Monsters With SEED 4 [Review]

Massive Multiplayer Online role playing games (MMORPG) as a genre usually creates curiosity and raises expectations every time you play a new MMORPG driven game. Despite of the fact that there is a predetermined criterion which constitutes MMORPG, yet a user before playing a MMORPG expects newness. Looking from a developer’s perspective, there remains a massive challenge in capturing the complete ideology of MMORPG, A developer who is venturing into making a MMORPG has to beat the existing competition in order to make the game rise up the charts. After undergoing a relentless gameplay cycle of the well-known MMORPG Seed 4, I can insist that the developers have put in a sincere effort behind development of this game and it does absolute justice to the MMORPG category of games.

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