Patent Suit Between Apple And Motorola Dismissed “With Prejudice”?

It is being said by some people that Judge Richard Posner recently dismissed Apple’s smartphone patent claims against Motorola “with prejudice.” For those of you who are not familiar with the terminology, it means that the assertions cannot be reargued in front of that particular court.

Relief For Apple In Motorola Patent Case

Lawyers representing Apple must be happy with the latest ruling in the patent case involving Google’s Motorola Mobility unit. The latest ruling grants Apple the chance of making its case via an injunction.

Judge Dismisses Apple’s Legal Showdown With Motorola

When a sitcom fails to gain viewership, it gets cancelled and you get to watch unaired episodes on DVDs if you choose to buy. Similarly, Apple’s patent-infringement jury trial against Google-owned Motorola Mobility has been “cancelled” by the presiding judge.

German Court Upholds Ban On iCloud And MobileMe Push Emails

It has been over a month now since Apple suspended push email from its iCloud and MobileMe services. At the moment, and it does not look like iCloud and MobileMe services will be back on any time soon. According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), a German regional court has backed the ban.

Apple, Motorola Discuss Xoom In Düsseldorf Courtroom

Apple and Motorola’s legal battle over various patents is dominating the world of patents, just the way, few months ago, the legal battle between Apple and Samsung was dominating. Even at that time, Apple-Motorola feud in German courts always attracted attention.