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iOS Multitasking

The functioning of iOS backgrounding is frequently wondered about. The iOS backgrounding is different from the traditional multitasking. According to traditional multitasking, when you multitask on your desktop, every program you open runs. This consumes the battery of your computer and creates pressure(and possible overload) on your RAM. On the other
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DashPad v2: Dashboard for your iPad

DashPad v2 Price: $9.99 Developers: Compatibility: With the launch of the iPad 2, DashPad is also being upgraded to match the amazing user interface of the tablet. The DashPad runs in Mobile Safari, exclusively on the iPad OS. DashPad takes a unique approach in organizing a DashBoard on your iPad. Instead of using an app,
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Video demonstration of Smart cover for iPad 2

Video demonstration of Smart cover for iPad 2 A very productive Smart cover for your iPad 2. Innovative device and innovative cover. The Smart cover can do multitasking like covering the iPad screen, act as a stand where you can lean on the cover and type. The Smart cover even help
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