Apple’s media event: Strongest line of iPod refreshes ever

The Apple’s annual media event which took place yesterday was a whole lot of fun and i am sure it did not disappoint anybody. We predicted earlier as to what would be the new product launches in the media event, and we almost got everything right except for a new version of the iPod Shuffle….

Apple’s new rechargeable AA batteries rebranded

From the past few days we have received several indications that Apple’s new rechargeable AA batteries and Sanyo’s Eneloop batteries have a lot of similarities, suggesting that Apple has essentially rebranded the Sanyo’s Eneloop and selling it with its own packaging. Though there are no definitive physical markings inside the batteries, the suspicion seems to…

iPhone Nano: Now, A Reality

There were plenty of rumors on the www about a iPhone Nano. Many people got excited, many people were disappointed. Now, your dream became reality ( if that was your dream ).