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Netflix Spreading to 43 Countries

Netflix has revealed that it will spread out to 43 countries covering Latin America and Caribbean which will be held later this year. Netflix also says that it will offer unlimited TV shows and movies streaming right away over the Internet to TVs and computer. Netflix promised to offer streaming of movies and shows at a very low monthly subscription fee.

Netflix since 2007 has been busy streaming to U.S and only last year Canada was selected for this service. When launch, Netflix members at Central America, Mexico and Caribbean can right away watch variety of American, local and global TV shows on their TV. It can be possible through a wide range of consumer electronics devices which is capable of streaming from Netflix. Not only Netflix but also on PC, Macs and mobile devices.

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Hulu coming with $5 subscription

Now watching TV shows on your iPad via Hulu may cost you a lot less in the near future. Hulu is considering cutting its subscription price in half to $5 per month from earlier $10. Hulu has rivals from Netflix streaming and ABC, which has content on Hulu. Things are
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You can expect Netflix streaming soon

Netflix has tested a streaming-only option in Canada with great success. Will disc-free Netflix be coming to the US in the near future? Netflix has evolved into a one-stop entertainment portal that offers options including DVDs in whatever quantity you’re willing to pay for, from one-at-a-time to all-you-can-watch, plus thousands of
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Apple TV to cost low after revised.

The heat of San Francisco Apple event is over though but the impact seems to be high enough still. If you have missed what the event was like let me brief you. Steve came with the new iPod shuffle, iPod nano and the iPod touch along with the Apple TV
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It’s a thumb up for iPad from HBO.

Apple’s iPad will have movies and shows from HBO. The other party who was there was Netflix, which was supposed to be known as the rival company of HBO’s GO service, since the later came to market. At this moment a green signal from HBO to provide service to the iPads
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