iPhone 4S Production Slowdown Confirmed

Is the popularity of iPhone 4S declining? Or the manufacturing units have shortage of equipments and spare parts to manufacture iPhone 4S! It certainly surprises us when we learn that the production of iPhone 4S is at a slow pace now. Well, the real reason is quiet different, and a good one.

Next iPhone Will Feature LTE

With all of the recent talk regarding the next-generation iPhone’s display, the LTE rumors had faded sometime back. Maybe it is because many people assumed that, after the third-gen iPad, the feature would be a lock for Apple’s next smartphone.

iPhone Nano Coming With iPhone 5?

Many people started talking about a diminutive new iPhone when the original touched down in 2007. Sources from Apple’s supply chain have apparently been in talks with China Times who have once again started the rumors and speculation around production of the iPhone Nano being underway.

4-Inch Display For iPhone 5?

The blacksmith hits the hammer when the iron is hot. Similarly, sometimes, a rumormonger decides to spread his rumor when other rumors on the subject his rumor is concerning are spreading like wild fire.

Next-Gen iPhone Coming In June 2012?

Every Apple Fanboy is waiting for the next generation iPhone (also known as iPhone 5) will arrive. It seems one may not have to wait too long for that.