Apple To Purchase 7.85″ Displays From Samsung?

Apple and Samsung maybe over each others’ throat due to several lawsuits of patents infringement they filed against each other. However, if rumors are to be believed, lawsuits do not stop Apple and Samsung from doing business together.

iPad 3 Releasing On Steve Jobs’ Birthday?

Rumors of the next generation iPad are doing rounds again. Earlier there were rumors that iPad 3 would be released in February 2012. But what would be the exact date?

iPad 3 Coming This February?

If rumors and some online new reports are to be believed, Apple’s manufacturing partners have started delivering parts and components for the third-generation iPad to OEM contractors. At the same time, they are preparing to draw down production of the iPad 2.

Apple Preparing a New iPhone & iPad

According to a DigiTimes report, Apple is planning for a new model of iPhone/ iPad by August. The site has claim that its sources has pointed out iPhone 5’s supply volume which is estimated to be around 6-7 million units in the third quarter and with the addition of iPhone 4 shipments. It is expected…