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Apple Store Ready for OS X Lion & New MacBook Air?

Apple Store employees have been told to work overnight on July 13th in order to prepare the release of Mac OS X Lion or a new MacBook Air. This report has been told by 9to5Mac site and this very site has mentioned about the predictions that Apple will release Mac OS X Lion on July 14th.

Earlier 9to5Mac mentioned that they are expecting Lion release and also new MaceBook Airs. Chances are there that MacBook Air release can bring a faster storage, a sandy Bridge CPU and Thunderbolts. They also says they have heard some stories of backlit keyboards, 3Gs, a black option and interesting 15 inch MacBook Air HD but at this point it seem doubtful.

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New MacBook Air ferries without Flash Player

We don’t need to announce to everyone that Apple (especially Jobs) hates Flash almost as much as Google and the new MacBook Air is a prime example of this. Engadget reports the new MacBook Air’s do not ship with Flash pre-installed. You can still run flash, meaning, you need to
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