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You can expect new iPod touch soon as shipping started

Can I have your attention please? There is an exciting news for Apple fans who pre-ordered their brand new iPod touches are now getting shipment notifications via email with Apple listing September 14 as the estimated time of arrival. Even Apple has started notifying buyers of a fourth-generation iPod touch that
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Next generation vintage bag for iPad: TempleBag

Younger generation iPad user would definitely like to try a total vintage gear; this Temple Bag for iPad would look equally at home on an Indiana Jones set as it would on the shoulder of any young city boy or girl. Temple is another eco-based company based in Los Angeles, California. Their particular angle
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Next iPod Touch with camera?

The guys of Cult of Mac released some pictures of Chinese cases that will be available for the new iPod Touch. The Chinese case manufactures learned of the new iPods’ precise dimensions in May, the emails reveal. But to be sure, the case makers say they double checked the dimensions. They
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