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230,000 iOS activations a day, Google hit back

Steve Jobs during his 2010 Apple special music event he said that Apple is activating 230,000 iOS devices a day. He made further point out for those who has new activations and also said that some of their “friends”are counting upgrades in their numbers (200,000 Android activations a day). “whether we
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Review: Double Check

Double check app is an wonderful application with so many applicable app to our day to day work. Full credit to developers for this innovative and beautiful app. This app, I can gaurantee that it can solve many doubt and incovenience cause between mobile users and mobile operators. User
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App Store Paid Apps rate well, free apps don’t

When people visit the App Store to download themselves a nice iPhone App you should assume that quality free apps get high ratings, well…euhm, because they are free. But this isn’t true. Apparently Free apps are less likely to be rated more than 2.5 stars out of 5 than paid apps. A free notepad will get ratings which are approximately 30-50% worse than a paid notepad app with exactly the same features.

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