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The iPhone Ad ‘Square Smooth Credit Card Swipe’

New video from Square, the mobile credit card processing for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The video includes Jackson Walker, iPhone, and a bar, suppose to demonstrate how smooth you can accept / make card payments with Square. Square offers the service for small businesses to accept credit payments through your iPhone,
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Old Apple TV without new Apple TV features

I am quite sure many of you are unhappy about the new Apple TV features which will not be available in old Apple TV. Even Ars Technica has confirmed about this whole episode. Moreover, Apple spokesperson has said that the maximum HD resolution of the Apple TV is 720p, consistent
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Appvent Calendar: Free Apps for Christmas

Blacksmithgames.com is in good mood this year and offers free applications every day from december 1th until december 22nd. But wait, if it’s an advent calendar, why doesn’t it count to 24? There is of course a reason, and it is that they will announce “other great surprises” these two days.
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