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T-Mobile and Orange will retail iPad 2

After Apple has released iPad 2, it was known that T-Mobile and its partner Orange will be retailing Apple's iPad 2 as when it comes to the UK later this month. Steve Jobs has announced at Special event that new iPad will be available in UK in two weeks after
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Vodafone UK Also Going To Sell iPhone?

O2, the iPhone carrier in the UK, no longer has the exclusivity to sell the iPhone in the UK. Yesterday, we reported you about another carrier that’s going to sell the iPhone in the UK; Orange. Today, Vodafone joined the club as well. Both carriers started negotiating with Apple almost
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Orange to offer iPhone service in the UK?

So, UK is going to have another carrier to deliver the iPhone. Their current iPhone carrier is O2, but later this year Orange will join the club. There are already a couple of countries who have more than one carrier for the iPhone, like Italy and Czechia. Maybe this can
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