OS X Mountain Lion Features New Safari

Apple’s latest update to OS X, Mountain Lion, will bring more than 1,700 new Application Programming Interface (APIs), greater iCloud integration, Siri-esque dictation, and a redesigned Safari.

OS X Mountain Lion Features Coming In iOS 6

Apple’s upcoming release of OS X Mountain Lion maybe carrying several features from iOS 5. However, it will also introduce the world to some new features that are also coming to iOS 6.

Apple Drops New Mountain Lion Server Build For Developers

After releasing the Mountain Lion Developer Preview update, Apple has released a new seed of Mountain Lion Server. Unlike some Mount Lion preview updates, which showed up in Software Update on Macs running the previous developer previews, Apple chose to make this update visible in the Apple Developer Center website.

Apple Releases New Beta Build Of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

This past Wednesday, on 16 May 2012, Apple gave developers another updated version of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3. This, is the pre-release build of the next major Mac operating system refresh.