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The Battle Continues

Apple and Samsung are back with their usual “patent battles” again.

This latest Samsung/Apple lawsuit is expected to hit the courts by March 2014 and therefore both parties are busy gathering arms.. Oops! I meant rival products. What I meant was, since there is ample of time before the trial takes place; both the companies are trying to expand the compass of their matter by including the latest products from each company.

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Revealed: Apple arranged secret 2006 pinch to zoom patent

One of the best kept secret patents in the world revealed after 4 years, Apple has secretly applied for a form of multi-touch pinch to zoom patent, and before knockoff makers saw the revolutionary iPhone, that patent for portable electronic device with multi-touch-sensitive display has just been awarded to Apple. Recently
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Sensors everywhere on iPads, iPhone from latest Apple patent

The latest patent published 2 days back from the Cupertino-based company provides a details working mechanism of the devices and features which include sundry sensors, including reactive and touch sensors, acoustic sensors and more… Here the patent abstract explains that the hand held devices with multiple touch sensing devices are
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Apple Patents to Control Your Mac With an iPhone

A new Apple patent application illustrates a process in which an iPhone could remotely control a MacBook or iMac. According to the patent, iPhone would establish a connection with the computer and it would control the OS in a similar to a TV remote. Using a virtual d-pad, users navigate through
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Apple is about to release new keyboard and mouse

This Friday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a document, confirming that a new wireless mouse and keyboard from Apple is about to come. Engadget discovered the document, which revealed the new Apple keyboard with model number A1314 and an Apple Mouse with model number A1197. The document also included a
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