Google And Apple Named In “Street View” Patent Suit

Google and Apple have been named in a lawsuit that is related to the use of Google Maps’ Street View on the iPad and iPhone. According to online reports, PanoMap Technologies LLC, a Florida-based company, has filed a complaint (PDF) against both companies in the US District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

Brandywine Sues Apple Over Voicemail Patent

It seems that Brandywine Communications also wants to join some action that is taking place in the lawsuits that involve apple against Samsung, Motorola, Proview, HTC, Kodak and others. That is why, it has filed a lawsuit against Apple.

ITC Awards Apple Another Victory Against HTC

We have been informing you about the legal conflicts that Apple has had with Samsung and Motorola on regular basis. You may find it difficult to keep a track but Apple has also been locking horns with HTC as well and scarring victories over HTC.

Apple Sued Over Caller ID Patents

As if the problems from Motorola and Samsung were not enough, Apple is facing some new legal tangles and now it would need to take out some more time to spend in courts. Cequint Inc., a Seattle based company is seeking unspecified damages related to the claims of Apple products infringing on caller ID related…