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Apple Restrict Samsung from Retailing Galaxy Tab in Europe

Apple has been successful in acquiring a preliminary injunction against Samsung restricting the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the whole of European country only leaving off Netherlands, as reported by FOSS Patents.

Apple was the first to drag Samsung to court for copying the design and features of its iPhone and iPad devices in April. Here, the leading German news agency, dpa, has just revealed that Apple has been considered a preliminary injunction as against Samsung’s Android based Galaxy Tab 10.1, restricting the distribution of the company product to the whole European Union excluding Netherlands.

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Apple Complete Ownership of Nortel Patents

Around $2billion of its syndicate $4.5 billion, Apple has built the winning bid for Nortel’s patent thus creating the complete ownership of a number of patents. Here, Cringely revealed that Ericsson and RIM has united mutually to generate $1.1 billion to bid with Ericsson getting the fully paid-up license and also RIM getting the License along with some operating losses from Nortel.

Not only had the above companies coming together to bid for some patents but also Microsoft and Sony has contributed $1billion for bidding to some patents. It was also heard that EMC has generated $400 million for single unspecified subset of patents.

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