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Retail Employees Being Invited To Test The Upcoming Photos App for OS X


A report by 9to5Mac states that Apple is searching for retail employees who are “passionate photography enthusiasts” to test their forthcoming Photos app for the new OS X.

We are seeking a technical and passionate photography enthusiast to join our Quality Assurance team working on Photos for OS X. You will be part of a fast moving team of specialists tasked with delivering the next generation of photography tools for Apple.

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The Aperture 3 page is now live!

Apple just announced the release of Aperture 3, with over 200 new features to the professional photo editing and management application. The updated version includes iPhone like Faces and Places tagging features introduced last year, as well as a new feature called Brushes for making painting image adjustments to photos.
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Deposit Checks Via iPhone Photos

So you’d like to have the convienence of depositing your hard earned work check straight from your iPhone into your bank, no matter where you are? Well, there will soon be an app for that , a very small bank/insurance company is in the process of updating their current app. USAA only
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New iPhone Porn App

theXchange_title_thumbtheXchange_porn_censored_thumbAs a preface to this article, we would like to remind you of Apple spokesman Tom Neumayer’s, profound statement in response to nude photos found in the Hottest Girls app:

“Apple will not distribute applications that contain
inappropriate content, such as pornography”

Fair enough Tom … thank you for making that perfectly clear. So what happens just a few days later … BeautyMeter and its infamous 15-year-old topless girl makes headlines. Hmmm, so much for Tom’s clarity.

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